Turning Your Vintage Chatelaine Into Jewelry

A chatelaine is a decorative belt hook with a set of chains used to carry useful little tools. Though they were very popular and practical in the Victorian era, they are very seldom used in today's society. Maybe you acquired a chatelaine or have one that has been passed down in your family and you feel that you have no use for it. Here you can read about ways to repurpose the chatelaine's different elements into modern jewelry. [Read More]

Use Vinyl Graphics To Decorate Your Residence Hall

As a residential advisor of the college that you are attending, one of your responsibilities may be to decorate the windows and doors that are located inside of the residence hall that you oversee. If you typically spend an entire weekend tracing shapes onto construction paper and cutting out the outlines, removable window graphics are an alternative that will bring your ideas to life. Choose graphics that are representative of specific seasons, sports, people, or holidays and change the window designs every few months. [Read More]

Artistic Door And Window Screens Can Add To A Home's Visuals

Art has no limitations. You can find and create art virtually anywhere. Often, such sentiments promote abstract art or avant-garde displays. The theory also applies to simple arts and crafts in the home. It also applies to art found outside the home, such as on window and door screens. Screens serve a functional value, but they need not exclusively do so. With a little creativity, a hobbyist could turn his or her artistic talents towards making door and window screens decorative. [Read More]