Artistic Door And Window Screens Can Add To A Home's Visuals

Art has no limitations. You can find and create art virtually anywhere. Often, such sentiments promote abstract art or avant-garde displays. The theory also applies to simple arts and crafts in the home. It also applies to art found outside the home, such as on window and door screens. Screens serve a functional value, but they need not exclusively do so. With a little creativity, a hobbyist could turn his or her artistic talents towards making door and window screens decorative.

Adding to a Home's Looks

Besides enjoying the cathartic experience of creating screen art, homeowners can use their finished work to add to their property's appearance. A standard screen keeps flies out, but the gray color can't escape a cloud of dullness. Unless damaged, a dull screen won't detract from the home's looks, but it won't do anything positive. Why let an opportunity escape if you possess the talent to spice up the screens? Think about these two options: 

The Holiday Look: Anyone unsure of what look to choose can always select a holiday design. The winter holiday season has many popular images. Screens with snowmen or wrapped presents evoke holiday feelings. A jack-o'-lantern is perfect for Halloween. No matter the season, there's always a "staple" image to select.

The Evergreen Look: Changing the screen too often can come with costs. Besides one or two holiday screens, a single evergreen screen for the rest of the year works well. Are you a fine of the natural world? Screens featuring trees, flowers, and nature's beauty should work. If you live near the sea, the imagery of rowboats and docks makes sense.

As long as the screen art has curbside appeal, the look could enhance appearances. The artwork need not be elaborate. Simple designs that look nice can enhance front porches and more.

Ready-Made Craft Kits

Anyone wondering where to start with creating door and window screen art can look at follow-the-directions kits. While the work coming from these hobby kits won't be solely your own, the experience helps cultivate skills. In time, you could come up with your creations without the need for a kit.

Practice on Old Screens

If you can find old, discarded, worn screens, use them for practice. Try different approaches and techniques on the previously unwanted screens. Take ideas from the practice sessions and apply them to your "real" artwork. In time, you may find you impress yourself with your skills. Look for places where you can buy window screens to see what's available.