Use Vinyl Graphics To Decorate Your Residence Hall

As a residential advisor of the college that you are attending, one of your responsibilities may be to decorate the windows and doors that are located inside of the residence hall that you oversee. If you typically spend an entire weekend tracing shapes onto construction paper and cutting out the outlines, removable window graphics are an alternative that will bring your ideas to life. Choose graphics that are representative of specific seasons, sports, people, or holidays and change the window designs every few months.

Choose The Graphics

At the beginning of each semester, you will receive a listing of the students who will be residing in the same hall as you. Wait for this information before you purchase graphics. Once you meet the students and get to know a little bit about them, use this information to help you choose some of the graphics. For instance, some of the individuals may be football players, while others may enjoy playing an instrument or participating in a recreational activity.

Choose some designs that are shaped like particular sports or activities. Separate the graphics according to whose door or which window you would like to secure them to. Use glass cleaner and a paper towel or a cloth to remove dirty residue and smudges from each glass pane. Press the vinyl graphics against the glass. Use crepe paper streamers or string lights to outline the designs.

Switch The Designs

At the end of each semester or when it is almost time for a new season to begin, plan how you would like to change the window and door designs. Focus on one particular theme for each display. Peel off the graphics that are currently on the glass. Store them in an airtight container or plastic bag that seals. Use masking tape or blank adhesives to label the outside of each container or bag.

Write a brief description of the graphic type, including how many pieces are stored inside of each unit. As you build up your collection of graphics, you probably won't need to buy additional graphics. Vinyl graphics can be used repeatedly and will only require an occasional spray of soapy water and a damp cloth to clean the front surface of each vinyl piece.

If you and the students are pleased with the frequent decorations that are displayed inside of the dorm, elaborate your efforts to decorate the campus. Volunteer to decorate common areas, such as the library, the auditorium, or the cafeteria. To learn more about removable window graphics, contact suppliers, like DCM Inc.