Reasons to Get Your Tween into Midget Car Racing

If you have a child who is interested in racing cars from an early age, you'll likely get them started in go-karts. While some people think of go-karts as being a casual recreation activity that families often pursue, go-kart racing is a legitimate form of auto sports for many people. As your tween gets older and finds success in go-kart racing, you'll likely want to move them up to a larger class of vehicle. A good option to consider is a midget sprint car, which people typically just call a midget car. Here are some reasons that this type of car is a good choice for your tween.

Small Size

While a midget car is larger than a go-kart, it's significantly smaller than many other classes of cars. Its small size makes a midget car a logical progression after go-karts for many young racers. A tween who is experienced with go-karts won't likely find a midget car's size daunting. A compact cockpit and a short distance to the pedals means that a tween who isn't very tall won't have trouble sitting comfortably in this type of car and driving it — something that may not be possible in a larger car.


A wide range of factors will affect how much you'll spend to buy a midget car, but you'll generally find that this class of vehicle is more affordable than many other classes. You might like the idea of supporting your tween's dream of racing, but also want to keep your racing-related expenses within a certain budget. Not only is a midget car affordable to buy, but its small motor means that it's more fuel efficient than larger cars. This means that you'll spend less on gas to operate the car when your tween is practicing and racing.

Numerous Racing Opportunities

The popularity of midget car racing means that there will be no shortage of racing opportunities for your tween to pursue. Countless tracks across the country host midget car races throughout the year, making it easy for your tween to race as much as they'd like. If you were to buy a less-popular class of car for your tween, it would be more challenging to identify racing opportunities for them. If you are looking to buy midget sprint cars to help your tween take the next step in their racing career, look for a vendor that specializes in these vehicles.