Four Things That Make Buying Scrap Gold Worth The Effort

Some hobbies are meant for fun, and some hobbies are all about making a little money. Buying and reselling scrap gold is a good example. Take a look at four things that make buying scrap gold as a hobby worth the effort.  Some people make a full income buying scrap gold.  In areas where there is an ample supply of scrap gold from incoming sellers, you could easily make a full income buying scrap gold and reselling it to a larger buyer. [Read More]

Three Ways To Create Hand-Stitch Embroidery Patterns For The Embroidery Enthusiast

Embroidery can add attractive embellishments to any cloth item, including accessories, curtains, and jeans. If you would like to get started with embroidery, there are a few things you should know about hand-stitch embroidery patterns first. There are at least three ways to create these patterns, and they are all relatively easy.  Ready-Drawn Iron-On Transfers Embroidery transfers use blue embroidery pencil drawings. You have to choose a transfer from the book or packet of transfers you have purchased, lay your fabric item flat on an ironing board, and then flip the pattern blue-pencil-side-down onto the fabric. [Read More]